IO?ION! Products on You Tube

Have a look at the video on You Tube of some of the IO?ION! products.

Summer Bonanza !!!

Thinking of a fancy vacation this summer?

 Didn’t get your hands on the Ipad 2 ??  
 Not a lucky owner of an IO?ION! watch yet ???
Send “YES” to 6118  and follow the instructions for a chance to win:
1. An amazing trip to 1 of 3 Exciting destinations : Mauritius, Phuket or Malaysia
3. 45 IO?ION! watches
4. 20% Discount Vouchers on IO?ION! watches purchased from Studio R and Stadium
Congratulations to Amal, Hassan and Cesar who have won 3 IO?ION! watches so far , and best of Luck to all !!!
and Another Congrats to Arwa, Khalid, Nadine, Teresa, Jamin, Anita and Linsey!!!!
* Participants must reside in UAE and must send the sms from a UAE mobile number