IO?ION! has embraced color using ‘Color Your Life’ as its motto. The IO?ION! watches are available in a rainbow of different colors and styles. Vibrant neon colors, pastels & glow in the dark enhance the basic color palette to better meet the desire to be both fashionable and comfortable, anytime, anywhere! Currently the IO?ION! watches are available in 7 models: Classic, Evo, Analog, POD, BUD, Army & LED. 

Listed by top fashion magazines worldwide as a must have item for Summer 2010, celebrities such as Katy Perry, Fergie, Adam Lambert, Eli Roth, Kirsten Dunst and David & Victoria Beckham, to name a few have been spotted wearing IO?ION! watches

 But not only are the IO?ION! watches trendy and fashionable they are also infused with tourmaline, a semi-precious stone well known for its natural health benefits. When activated, tourmaline helps increase concentration, calms and detoxifies the body.

 View the fantastic colors and styles available. To find out where to purchase any of these amazing watches, find a stocklist near you.